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Which fasteners are the strongest and robust?

When it comes to industrial roofing, the strength of your fasteners can make all the difference. Fasteners are the most critical link between the metal sheets and the structure. A compromise on the quality of your fasteners can lead to failure and result in costly repairs. Here you can find Which fasteners are the strongest and robust? 

 The strongest fasteners are essential to ensure your roof’s safety, as well as the protection of occupants, materials, and machinery from the forces of nature wreaking havoc on the roofing.

 A strong quality fastener will also ensure minimum repairs are needed every year and production continues unabated. But with so many fastener choices in the market, choosing the best screws for metal roofing can be challenging. There are some essential qualities to look for in your fasteners to ensure a strong, long-lasting, hassle-free roofing structure. 

The strength of fasteners is determined by several parameters, including:

Base material:

Carbon steel is the most preferred material for fasteners because of its high strength, durability, and affordability. Carbon steel fasteners are specially heat treated to make them ductile, making them more resilient and capable of absorbing more energy before they fail. This makes them less likely to break or crack when exposed to shock or vibration. Carbon steel structural screws also minimize the effects of thermal expansion and are better at protecting the structure.

Coating and plating:

Coating your fasteners with the right materials is critical to ensure the fasteners are strong, corrosion-free, and durable. Coating requirements are mentioned in the Australian Standard AS 3566-2002 Part 2. The best practice to ensure the fasteners are properly coated, as mentioned in AS 3566, is by having a three-layer coating consisting of zinc coating, mechanical plating, and a polymer coating as the final top layer. 


Low carbon EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) washers are a popular choice for fasteners due to their excellent sealing properties, high durability, elasticity, and corrosion resistance. Fasteners paired with True Blue EPDM washers make for the strongest types of screws that adapt to the different temperatures during the day and night, preventing corrosion and not becoming a point of leakage.


The fasteners you choose must come with a long-term warranty to prevent any re-roofing cost for at least 10-20 years after installation. The brand must replace any faulty fasteners free of charge within 10-20 years of warranty coverage. This would maximize not only profits but also provide peace of mind.


Always ensure that the fasteners comply with Industrial Standards, as it ensures they are trustworthy and safe to use. The Australian and International Standard AS3566 -2002 Part 2 is the best guideline available on specifications for corrosion-resistant, self-drilling screws. The fasteners in the Class 3 category can be used externally in mild, moderate, industrial, and marine applications as they can tolerate high humidity levels. AS level certification is the global standard and ensures you buy the strongest stainless steel bolts.

Tests to check the strength of fasteners:

  • The strongest fastener will pass 15 cycles of the Kesternich SO2 test along with 1000 hours of the Salt Spray Test.

Here is a quick review sheet for you:

Base MaterialCarbon stainless steel
Coating 1Zinc Coating
Coating 2Mechanical Plating
Coating 3Polymer Coating
WasherLow Carbon EPDM washer
WarrantyUp to 20 years
CertificationAS3566 -2002 Class 3
Tests15 cycles – Kesternich SO2 1000 hours – Salt Spray test

The Roofix advantage:

Roofix fasteners conform to all the above mentioned parameters and are ideal if you want the strongest screws for metal roofing. Our fasteners have strong tensile strength and are high-performing industrial fasteners for the roofing industry. They are made from high-quality materials designed to provide a secure and long-lasting connection between your roofing materials and your roof deck. 

Our roofing fasteners are made from durable carbon steel and provide exceptional holding power. These fasteners are self-tapping, meaning they can be screwed directly into the roof deck without needing pre-drilling, making installation quick and easy.

ROOFIX Fasteners uses the best practices to ensure the fasteners are properly coated by having a multilayer coating called Rust Shield Coating consisting. Rust Shield Coating consists of a multilayer coating of zinc coating, mechanical plating, and a polymer top coat.

Rust Shield Coating is a gray organic coating developed to protect the fastener with a tough anti-corrosive film. Its fully cross-linked matrix system provides an excellent mar and chip-resistant film. RustShield Coating is applied in an electro-coating process. Electro-coating provides complete coverage of all exposed surfaces and excellent film thickness uniformity. 

At Roofix, we understand that every roofing project is unique, so we offer a wide range of fasteners to choose from. Whether you’re looking for roofing fasteners, stitching fasteners, or any other type of fastener, we have the right solution for your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our products and to find the right solution for your needs.

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