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6 reasons why you should choose self drilling screws for industry constructions

When you build a structure, you want it to be strong and durable. Any component that can speed up the job without compromising on quality is a step in the right direction. Industrial fasteners are the unsung heroes that help to keep the metal roof secure over people’s heads and protect the structure from the vagaries of nature. 

Self-drilling screws that secure the roof (metal envelope) to the structure are a small yet critical component that helps save time and effort. But using the best quality of self-drilling screws is essential to ensure the foundation of the construction remains long-lasting without any leak, corrosion, or damage. 

As the name indicates, self-drilling screws can drill themselves into the metal roofing, which saves a lot of time and effort. The design reduces the preparation time by removing the need for pre-drilling, which makes the entire process easier and tidy.

Here are some benefits of self-drilling screws you must know before undertaking your next construction project: 

  1. Less preparation needed – Self-drilling screws save a lot of time and effort as you can use them on the go without any additional effort. Since they are self-drilling screws, no extra preparation is needed to use them, and they spare you the mess of drilling the holes separately.
  2. Anti-corrosive properties – Good quality self-drilling screws are coated with rust shield coating. It is a proprietary coating done over three layers. The base coat is zinc, followed by mechanical plating, and finished with a top coat of Electro Polyseal V Coat that gives 1000 Hrs SST Protection. These coatings protect the base metal from corrosion and increase the life of the roofing metal sheet.
  3. Durability – Self-drilling screws are made of robust and durable metal, which makes the structure long-lasting. The purpose of these screws is to hold the metal envelope securely with the structure.
  4. Ductility – The roofing sheets of various lengths move due to thermal expansion. Self-drilling screws are ductile, allowing movement, and do not break the screws.
  5. Increased efficiency – Using the right quality self-drilling screws makes the construction process efficient, saving time and effort.
  6. Time and cost savings – When you use superior quality self-drilling screws, you ensure the longevity of the building and safeguard the owner from costly repairs. It protects the material, men, and machinery in the building. Every rupee saved is a rupee earned.


Industrial roofing fasteners are a small component of the roofing structure but pack a powerful punch. It is best to go for self-drilling construction screws of the best quality to ensure that the metal envelope stays securely in place. ROOFIX Screws are made per the Australian Standard AS 3566-2002 Class 3. This standard defines the different requirements of screws based on the application of the screws.

ROOFIX Fasteners have several screws based on the thickness of the steel required to drill. The applications of screws like roofing/wall cladding / puf panel applications. 

ROOFIX screws are made in Taiwan in bulk manufacturing, ensuring quality manufacturing, consistency, best manufacturing practices, and quality checks at every stage of manufacturing, ensuring that the customer gets nothing less than the best product. 

The product is factory finished & packed in Taiwan to ensure correct quantity packaging.

ROOFIX Screws use only TRUE-Blue low carbon EPDM washers produced by DEKS Industries, which is the leader in EPDM Products used in roofing. TRUE Blue low-carbon washers last longer and ensure expansion and contraction during the day and night. Washers of other materials get squeezed and lead to water leakages. 

Choosing appropriate self-drilling screws is a simple matter you can handle right at the start of the project to save the trouble of letting the structure suffer from rusting, corrosion, water seepage, loosening, dislodgement, etc. These can cause unnecessary damage to the foundation and its contents. It is best to make sure of high-quality self-drilling screws like ROOFIX to protect the structure from the forces of nature and get yourself peace of mind in the bargain. 

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