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How Roofing Fasteners can increase the longevity of your steel construction

Sometimes, strength comes from the smallest things that hold things together firmly. Self-drilling screws that can be quickly drilled into metal, steel, and wood are identified by their point and notch tips. This point acts as a drill bit, and the sharp cutting threads tap the hole during installation.

The self-drilling screws are the only link that holds the metal sheet to the steel structure. And the quality of the screw determines how long the roof can hold on and weather adverse conditions and affects the longevity of your steel construction. A premium quality industrial roofing fastener can help increase the structure’s durability. Hence it is crucial to invest in the best quality self-drilling screws for your construction purpose.

Here are some factors to look for while choosing self-drilling screws for your steel construction: 

Quality of EPDM Washers: 

Self-Drilling screws need to be paired with Ethylene propylene diene monomer or EPDM washers to ensure that they stay in place and prevent water leakages. True blue low-carbon washers are more durable and last longer. They ensure expansion and contraction due to temperature changes, while washers made of other materials get squeezed and cause water leaks. Roofix Screws are paired with the best quality true blue low carbon EPDM washers produced by DEKS Industries, which is the leader in EPDM products used in roofing. 

Certification and accreditation: 

The Australian and International Standard AS3566 -2002 Class 3 is the best guideline available on specifications for corrosion-resistant self-drilling screws. The Standards Association of Australia has established this standard to set out the requirements for a self-drilling screw appropriate for steel and wood use. The self-drilling fasteners you choose must conform to stringent Australian Standards and be AS3566 -2002 certified. This standard defines the different requirements of screws based on the application of the screws. Roofix screws conform to Australian Standard AS 3566-2002 Class 3. 

Manufacturing and Quality checks: 

Self-drilling screws must maintain quality, ensure consistency, adhere to best manufacturing practices and do systematic quality checks at every stage to ensure that the customer gets the best product. Roofix screws are manufactured in bulk. The product is factory finished and packed in Taiwan with strict quality checks to ensure correct quantity packaging.

Ductility and Material: 

Product ductility allows movement and ensures that when the roofing metal sheets of various lengths move due to thermal expansion, they do not shear break the screws. It is critical to ensure your screws are made with rust-proof material to increase the longevity of your steel construction. Roofix screws are coated with a three-layered rust shield coating. The base coat is zinc, followed by mechanical plating and electro-poly seal V coat as the topcoat, which gives 1000 hours of SST protection. This is done to ensure that the base metal doesn’t get corroded and protects the life of the roofing metal sheet.

The Roofix advantage: Using ROOFIX Screws In Time Saves Nine-

Roofix offers the best quality self-drilling screws for steel constructions. We have a wide range of screws based on the thickness of the steel which needs to be drilled. These screws can be used for roofing, wall cladding, and Puf panel applications.

Just like a stitch in time saves nine, using the best quality self-drilling screws that hardly cost anything during the initial construction ensures that the construction stays as good as new for 10-20 years. This provides safety to the workers, the machinery, raw materials, and finished products and offers peace of mind to the owner.

Since the Roofix screws are corrosion-proof, they ensure that the constructions last much longer. The owners are saved the cost of expensive repairs due to damaged roofing sheets on the one hand and the damage to the underlying machinery. These cost savings can add to the bottom line. As the adage goes- ‘A rupee saved is a rupee earned.’

The strength of a structure lies in its weakest link. In the case of roofing, it is the inconspicuous self-drilling screw that holds the structure securely. It is never prudent to short-change yourself when it comes to spare parts. Using the best quality self-drilling screws ensures long-lasting constructions and a world of comfort.

If you wish to know more about ROOFIX screws, you can visit our stall 105 at the Steel Construction Expo on 10-12 November 2022 at the Novotel International Convention Center, Hyderabad, India, and we will be glad to assist you.

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